How to create Personas?

Use our Persona Creator to build your Buyer Personas.

Build your persona

Even if you do not know who your Buyer Persona is, our tool will guide you with relevant questions

You can tailor your Buyer Personas by easily adding and removing items, depending on your needs

Build your persona

Learn about your ideal customers and fill in the creator. We will prepare a custom design for you.

Create as many Buyer Personas as you need to manage and grow your product

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What is a Buyer Persona?

A Buyer Persona is a fictional character representing your ideal customer. You can build it based on data about your existing customers from marketing analysis, surveys, your website, CRM and other marketing tools.

Why is it important to create your Buyer Personas?

If you want to build a successful product growth strategy, you need to know who your customers are. They have different demographic traits, challenges, goals and needs. Creating Buyer Personas gives you a context for your business, making it easier to set priorities and map content that is interesting for your potential customers.

How can I use Buyer Personas?

If you create Buyer Personas, you can then focus on actions that impact your business growth. It will help you set a strategy aimed at the most valuable customers, website visitors or leads.

How should I use Buyer Persona Creator?

Our Buyer Persona tool is easy to use and UX-friendly. It will navigate you step by step through the entire process of Buyer Persona generation. At the end, you will receive a beautifully designed document, tailored to your needs.

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